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The Secret of Goldenrod

ISBN 9781512408942

When Trina and her father move into Goldenrod, an abandoned Victorian mansion, Trina hopes she will finally have a place to call home--and a chance to make friends at her new school. Unfortunatley, school doesn't go as planned, and Goldenrod might be haunted. 


But that haunted part is a matter of opinion--especially if you ask Augustine. Augustine is likely to tell you that Goldenrod is simply an empty, lonesome old house, as lonley as Trina was when she arrived in New Royal, IA.

Before things began to change...

This is the beautiful back cover of The Secret of Goldenrod. The artwork is by Elly Mackay who also writes and illustrates her own books. Click on her name to see her her work and her unique and magical process.
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The Notations of Cooper Cameron


Eleven-year-old Cooper Cameron likes things to be in order.

When he eats, he chews every bite three times on each side.

Sometimes he washes his hands in the air with invisible water.


After the death of his beloved grandfather, Cooper invented these rituals, believing he could protect those he loves from terrible harm. But when Cooper’s strange behavior drives a wedge between his parents, and his relationship with his older sister, Caddie, begins to fray, his mother’s only solution is to take Cooper and Caddie to the old family cabin for the summer. Armed with his prized possessions—a collection of rocks, his pet frog and pocket-sized notebooks in which he records his observations of the confusing world around him, Cooper vows to cure himself and repair his damaged family.

Read the starred reviews from Kirkus Reviews and School Library Journal  here. Plus you can read the first chapter, June Bugs, and download a free bookmark. Just click on the links! 

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